Problems planning items with Location Mandatory in Dynamics NAV 2013 to 2015?

You have spent all morning trying to figure out why items – that you know should show up for purchasing – does not show up in the planning worksheet. No matter what you select in the planning parameters on the Item Card is ignored by the planning.

You might have run into one of the small peculiarities of Dynamics NAV 2013 to 2015. The situation occurs if you have selected Location Mandatory on the Inventory Setup card and you are not using the manufacturing module.

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New ways to Update Transaction Data in NAV 2015

First, we will discuss the design patterns which were previously used to update the data in Dynamics NAV, and have since become outmoded solutions. Then, we will look at the setup update implemented in Dynamics NAV 2015 version. Finally, we will run a report, check how the new update pattern works, and review the functions it performs. We will also point out the limitations of using the pattern.

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How to Create Drop Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Need to ship an item directly from the Vendor to the Customer? Let’s walk through how to set up NAV 2015 to be able to handle this process.

A drop shipment is a shipment of an item or a consignment of items from one of your vendors directly to one of your customers. Before you can use this feature, you must first set up the customer, vendor, and item cards necessary for the order.

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