List and Dictionary data types advanced overview

List and Dictionary are powerful data types for working with data. Every Business Central developer needs to know and be able to work with them. Today I want to describe basic examples of use and also go into more details, such as nested lists and dictionaries, how to read or write data and etc

Source : Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
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Data types under the microscope: List

The List data type in AL language represents an ordered collection of objects that can be accessed by their index. Unlike an Array data type, a List does not have a fixed size and does not need to have its dimension specified when it is declared.

The List data type has several useful methods that can be used on its instances.

Source : Tomas Kapitan
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Creating Power BI Reports for Displaying List Data in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Filter the Power BI report based on the selected record)

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a Power BI FactBox control element on many key list pages. The purpose of this FactBox is to display Power BI reports that are related to records in the lists, providing extra insight into the data. The idea is that as you move between rows in the list, the report updates for the selected entry.

Source :Dynamics 365 Lab
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