Grouping records using a List

I don’t know why, but grouping records in in C/AL in the past had always been a difficult topic to understand for new programmers during my development courses.

In C/AL the best method was using temporary tables, as in the example below, in which I group the Sales Orders by Customer and then I make a loop over the customers I found to make something.

Source : Marco Ferrari
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Blog Series Part 6: Process Selected Lines for List Page in AL for MSDYN365BC

In this blog we will discuss how to create Sales Document from the Import Data as shown in Customer Requirement for AL Development 2.6 Process.

Lets Start.

To Add an action “Process” to Page How to Develop List Page for AL in MSDYN365BC. which is developed to display data of “Insurance Interface Entry” Table.

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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Designing Indented Hierarchy Lists

Using the indentation properties in AL, you can display rows in a parent-child structure.

A row that’s indented from a row above is considered a child of that row. The row above is considered the parent. Indenting rows can help organize related records in the list and make it more readable for the user. You can display indented hierarchy lists on any page type, including List pages, Worksheets, and ListParts. Pages can also be editable.

There are two kinds of indented hierarchy lists: fixed and collapsible. In a fixed hierarchy, rows that are indented are always shown. In a collapsible, users can collapse and expand parent rows to show and hide child records.

Source : Microsoft Docs
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Look up events and insert event subscriber in code, use the new Shift+Alt+E shortcut in the AL code editor to invoke a list of all events

A core part of extension-based “customization” is the use of events and event subscribers.
To identify an event and generate an event subscriber code template, we added the Event Recorder in the client some time ago, allowing recording and inspecting of thrown events; however, in many cases, developers are either aware of the event they want to subscribe to or want to have a fast way to search for the event (with type ahead/completion) and then insert event subscriber in code context.
Feature details

Use the new Shift+Alt+E shortcut in the AL code editor to invoke a list of all events.

Source :Microsoft Docs
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List all Business Central Docker Image Tags on Microsoft Container Services

A while ago, I blogged about how you can get to all the tags on Docker Hub, for all images of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This was more useful than I ever imagined, as many people referred to it, or I had to refer to it for others. In any case, for us “simple” NAV “dinosaurs”, these docker tags doesn’t always seem to be easy to “assemble”, so getting a list of all of them, is sometimes nice to get to the very specific one that one might need – or just to get an idea of what else is out there (or better yet “in there”).

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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