Step by Step Guide to JavaScript Control Add-in

JavaScript control add-in allows custom controls and visual elements for displaying and modifying data way beyond what you can accomplish with standard Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central framework. While .NET development is dropped in Dynamics 365 Business Central extensions for web, JavaScript steps up to take its place. In this article, we will go step by step with increasing complexity on the basics of Dynamics 365 Business Central JavaScript add-in.

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Encapsulation in JavaScript

This will be my last post in the “JavaScript for (C/)AL Developers” series today. If I continued blogging about nearly pure JavaScript stuff, you could reasonably ask if this is in fact an NAV blog or a JavaScript one. It’s still NAV, and while the stuff I am about to write about is purely a JavaScript concept, I find it highly relevant for any control add-in developer. So, hold my beer, and bear with me for another one.

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