Converting an ISV solution to an extension: The Beginning

I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog for the past couple of months, but with good reason. I’ve been jumping around multiple projects, and have now landed on a project that will involve taking a roughly 3000 object ISV solution and converting it to an extension.

Easy task? Far from it.
Challenging? Most definitely……but that’s why we do what we do right!?
Will I be able to convert it all to an extension? Not likely. (Yes, extensions still have limitations)

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Licensing for Dynamics NAV 2013 – Multiplexing, ISV’s and Lite Users

These are the options:

· Full User

Full User licenses provide users full read and full write capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access, including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client, or any other mode of access including web services.

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