How to Disable Posting Negative Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Prior to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, developers had to customize Dynamics NAV to disable posting negative inventory, but in NAV2013R2 Microsoft have starting offering this feature as standard. One can now set up so that outbound posting that brings inventory below zero is blocked. This can be set up per item or for all items. We can put a check mark in Prevent Negative Inventory field, which specifies if you can post transactions that will bring inventory levels below zero.

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Seasonal Inventory Forecasting in Dynamics NAV

Many clients have been asking recently about Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s capabilities for handling seasonal forecasting. Most clients already know that Dynamics NAV can automate your inventory replenishment by maintaining minimum quantity on hand, but many are not yet aware that you can take it a step further and set sales/production forecasts for inventory over a period.

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Inventory Valuation

Most of the projects that I have worked on were on North American version of Dynamics NAV. I’ve worked on version 2.0 and up. There were a couple of W1 projects as well and a couple of European localization. If you have worked with any implementation where the the databases are large. By large I mean more than 100 gig in size and more than 100 million gl transaction, you probably have dealt with performance issues.

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Inventory Reconciliation Part III: Identifying Differences

In Part I and II of this series we reviewed the basic aspects of Inventory Setup and Inventory Transactions. In Part III, I will review select inventory reports which can be useful for analyzing inventory, how to identify when your inventory needs to be reconciled and the steps to take to begin processing an inventory reconciliation.

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