JSON Interface – prerequisites

There are two objects we use in all JSON interfaces. We use the TempBlob table and our custom JSON Interface Codeunit.


JSON interface uses the same concept as a web service. The endpoint is defined by the Codeunit Name and the caller always supplies a form of request data (JSON) and expects a response data (JSON).

These interface calls therefore are only internal to the Business Central (NAV) server and are very fast. All the data is handled in memory only.

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Interface extensions with workflows

A while ago I wrote about our Extension Design Principles. In it I discussed various ways to interface between extensions without having to take dependencies. One of these interface methods was the workflows Business Central is equipped with.

Because you can configure these workflows at run-time you can configure Workflow Events and responses from different extensions.

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User Interface Instructional Texts in NAV 2016

The Dynamics NAV product line has always aimed at providing user-friendly solutions to the users, so that this out-of-the box product would require minimum hours of training for the organization staff. However, in earlier versions of Dynamics NAV, this was not yet robust enough due to the programming limitations of Classic Client.

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NAV Design Pattern – Instructions in the UI

To mitigate usability problems with learnability or discoverability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality, it is possible to embed instructions in the user interface (UI) in connection with the task that the user is performing. The goal is to explain how to use the product or feature without impairing the user’s productivity after user has learned how to use a feature.

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Integrating Dynamics NAV and the Microsoft Office system (part 1) – MS SharePoint interface

Microsoft Office is perhaps the most successful suite of applications today and undoubtedly the most popular suite of business productivity software. According to researchers, approximately 80 percent of businesses today use some MS Office application in some form.

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