Tip #69 | Default Implementation for AL Interfaces

I just love it when I get an error and nothing I search for answers what to do next.

Like this one

Value ‘ ‘ does not implement interface ‘ForNAV Layout’ and there is no default implentation for the mentioned interface.AL(AL0596)

There is no mentioning of default implementations in the Microsoft documentation.

Source : Mark Brummel
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Business Central AL Interfaces

A new object type is available in Business Central 2020 Wave1: “interface” object

Since I have never talked about it, I speak of it now, I don’t report particular examples as there are already several published.

Below are some links to very well made examples, useful for understanding how to best use them. Enjoy the reading.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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“Discrete Business Logic” implements Interface

If you’ve read anything about what is new in BC16 for developers then you’ll have seen that AL now supports interfaces (*fanfare*). No more convoluted workarounds with events – at least once our customers have upgraded.

I won’t explain what interfaces are and how to use them in AL. You can read the release notes here or blog posts like this and this. Instead I’m going to share some thoughts about where we might make use of interfaces. The obvious disclaimer is that we’ve only just started working with them and I’ve no doubt that we’ll learn more about how to use them properly as we go.

Source : James Pearson
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AL Interfaces and Other Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 1 Features

With 2020 spring comes not only Coronavirus but also the new Business Central version and Wave 1 features that introduce a new programming capability interface. In this article, we are going to review some of the Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 1 features that caught our technical team’s eye.

Source : Simplanova
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Interface with Power Automate – is it really so easy?

During NAV TechDays 2019 there were a lot of sessions that I would describe as “develop Business Central doing minimum development using AL“. Sounds weird? For me yes… at least at the beginning.

Speakers, such as Arend-Jan Kauffmann (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp848e9WBFs), showed how to connect Business Central with Power Apps or use Power Automate (previously named Flow) and our BC. And my first impression was – noooo way it can be so easy.

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