Time intelligence solved with modelling and crossfilter instead of DAX measures

A while ago I came across this interesting time intelligence solution that doesn’t use DAX measures to do time intelligence but rather solves it through the model. The pattern was created by the great Greg Galloway from Artis Consulting and I am blogging this with his permission.

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Smart solutions 1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Dynamics NAV

Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables software to do more on its own, such as make predictions and offer suggestions, by analyzing and learning from the data it already has. In short, ML helps make software more proactive in the way it supports your business decisions.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Intelligence

Many small to mid-sized companies usually struggle to take advantage of the right Business Intelligence due to lack of resources, proper tools, and systems that are often too expensive and complicated to deploy and maintain. With powerful inherent BI capabilities, robust cross-product integration, and advanced technology improvements Dynamics NAV 2009 provides a single-point and comprehensive business management solution with broad Business Intelligence options, which are easy to deploy, flexible to personalize and customize, and easy to maintain.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV : Business Intelligence – Reporting capabilities in NAV

Designing reports in NAV2009 is divided into the following parts:

• Defining the data model for the report
• Defining relationships
• Designing the layout
• Matrix design
• Adding links to external objects or other reports
• Conditional formatting

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