Tip #69 | Default Implementation for AL Interfaces

I just love it when I get an error and nothing I search for answers what to do next.

Like this one

Value ‘ ‘ does not implement interface ‘ForNAV Layout’ and there is no default implentation for the mentioned interface.AL(AL0596)

There is no mentioning of default implementations in the Microsoft documentation.

Source : Mark Brummel
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV : Rapid Implementation Methodology

Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) tools were introduced in Dynamics NAV with the purpose of providing powerful tools to automate and expedite implementations. RIM tools can be used for NAV setups, data migration, importing master data, setting up industry-specific data, and other data migration requirements.

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String Implementation in NAV

If you have developed with any OCX or COM objects in Dynamics NAV, you have probably run into the following error. “The length of the text string exceeds the size of the string buffer.” The reason you would get this error is because you were passing a string from COM object to NAV. NAV limits COM object string length to 1024 characters.

Bron : Rashed Amini
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