Storing Large Images In Power BI Datasets

Power BI has added the ability to set the Data Category property on measures as well as columns in tables. This means it is now possible to have the output of a DAX measure displayed as an image in a Power BI report and this in turn opens up a lot of new possibilities – including the ability to work around the maximum size of a text value that can be loaded into Power BI (see my previous blog post for more details) and therefore work with larger images.

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Extract Numerical Data Points from an Image

Today Gartner released the 2019 magic quadrant for Business Intelligence. As expected (by me at least), Microsoft is continuing its trail blazing and now has a clear lead over Tableau in both ability to execute and completeness of vision. I thought it would be interesting to see a trend over time for the last 5 years, as this is the time period that I have been a professional Power BI Consultant. I needed some way to extract the numerical data points from the images I had collected. This article shows you how to do that. Here is the final output – a scatter chart with a play axis in Power BI of course.

Bron : Excelerator BI
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Where to find the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (and NAV) Docker Images

While I was writing my previous blogpost, I was wondering what the actual Docker repos are today. Basically:

when we want to set up a certain Docker container, where can I find it?

Well, easy. Just read this blogpost from Freddy, the Docker-God from Microsoft. But, while most info on it is still very valuable, you might also notice that some of the repos our outdated. That’s why I decided to create some kind of up-to-date (and sometimes a little bit into the future) overview on what images/repos Freddy makes available for us.

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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List all Business Central Docker Image Tags on Microsoft Container Services

A while ago, I blogged about how you can get to all the tags on Docker Hub, for all images of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This was more useful than I ever imagined, as many people referred to it, or I had to refer to it for others. In any case, for us “simple” NAV “dinosaurs”, these docker tags doesn’t always seem to be easy to “assemble”, so getting a list of all of them, is sometimes nice to get to the very specific one that one might need – or just to get an idea of what else is out there (or better yet “in there”).

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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Abusing Images property to load HTML in control add-ins

One of major limitations of control add-ins is not being able to define HTML. It seems so unbelievably unbelievable, that anyone looking at it from the outside of the NAV/BC playground may say “obviously, you must be missing something!”. But I am not. The one thing that you would expect to find first when defining a control add-in (and control add-ins in NAV/BC are nothing more than pieces of HTML that live within the allocated area of your browser real estate) is to be able to define the HTML.

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