Running Wild: Using UpdatePropagation to Update Document Page Headers from Lines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The UpdatePropagation property is new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. I learned about it when I had a customer request to have a total amount on the header section of a Sales Order page that would update when a Sales Line was changed. In previous versions of NAV, this was a challenge, but the UpdatePropagation property (and some well-timed calls to CurrPage.UPDATE) make it easy.

Bron : ArcherPoint
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Fiscal period related autotext codes in column headers for Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter

Management Reporter offers a variety of formatting tools to automate reporting and quickly put reports in the hands of stakeholders. This video introduces the ability to add dynamic report headers to calculated columns to avoid having to manually edit report headers prior to generating a report.

Bron : Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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