How to group data in AL? Best practicies. Performance review.

Data manipulation is one of the most trivial things for Navision/Business Central Developer. We are constantly working with data in tables, adding, deleting, modifying, and so on. Today we’re going to discuss data grouping. What does it mean to group data? How do you do it in AL? What is the best and fastest way to do it? I hope we can find answers to all these questions.

Source : Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
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Grouping records using a List

I don’t know why, but grouping records in in C/AL in the past had always been a difficult topic to understand for new programmers during my development courses.

In C/AL the best method was using temporary tables, as in the example below, in which I group the Sales Orders by Customer and then I make a loop over the customers I found to make something.

Source : Marco Ferrari
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Quickly grant access to a user group when starting a NAV container

As we use Docker containers internally to quickly spin up environments for reproducing bugs, delivering fixes on older releases or quickly test our application, we needed a way to easily grant access to a specific Active Directory user group. When starting a container, we want the following actions to be taken:

Bron : Infoma
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Approval Workflow using Workflow User group in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Workflow user group is a group of users under one group title in Workflows with the users’ number in a process sequence such as an approver chain.

To define an approval request to be not approved until multiple approvers in a approval chain have approved it, set up approvers with incremental sequence number.

Bron : CloudFronts
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