Creating Sparklines And Small Multiples In Power BI Using The Google Image Charts API

The excellent work that David Eldersveld has been doing recently on using SVG images in Power BI has generated a lot of interest; now that the August 2018 release of Power BI Desktop allows you to set data categories on measures – and specifically the Image URL data category – David has been able to apply his work to the creation of sparklines and small multiples in Power BI.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Monitor your Website Growth with one click with Google Analytics and Power BI

I use Google analytics to optimize my site, to make it useful and usable for my readers. Doing that, I am also hoping that my site will grow. It is the ultimate confirmation that I am doing it right.

Measuring growth in Google Analytics itself is possible, but it takes too many steps. I want to be able to monitor my site growth with one dashboard and one click so I have created my favorite and most used Site Growth Dashboard in Power BI Desktop.

Bron : Microsoft Power BI Community (ruthpozuelo)
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Dynamics NAV and Google Analytics – Part 1/2

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for tracking traffic on web pages and mobile apps. It allows you to see visitors in real time, and be able to see exactly what they are viewing. The only issue is that since it is tailored to websites and mobile apps, it is difficult to get working in desktop applications. In this two part tutorial we are going to integrate Dynamics NAV with Google Analytics.

Bron : Ryan Erb
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