Conditional Formatting with a Text Field in Power BI

One of the things I like about my live, online training courses is that I get to hear great questions from the trenches from people learning DAX and Power BI. Last week, John asked me how to apply conditional formatting with a Text field (not a numeric field). I knew it could be done, but it required some brief research before I could give an answer

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Cultured Differences

Last week we discussed how to apply standard formatting codes for currencies and dates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC reports. As I mentioned in that blog post, there are some hoops we have to jump through in order to show more than one culture’s formats on the same report. In the typical report the localization information is contained in the report header and it will only include a single localization.

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Formatting DATEs, TIMEs and DATETIMEs

For a recent project, I needed to export the object properties of a number of objects to an XML file.

As you know, in the Object table, there are separate columns for Date and Time. Initially, I exported each column as an individual XML attribute, using the FORMAT function’s standard format #9 to XML-format the values

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