AL Extensions – File Naming and Organizing

This is a blog that I wanted to write for quite a while, but it’s only until last week or so that I think I’ve found what I like to call, a “best practice” or if you will, a “Design Pattern”.

What is this all about? With the move from C/AL to Visual Studio Code we also moved to file based instead of stored in database.

Source : Mark Brummel
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Fetch Filename from Directory using DotNet Datatype-NAV 2017

During recent implementation got task to fetch the files from specified directory to import in tables using XMLPORT and I was using NAV 2017.

Now in classic version we were able to use FILE and this virtual table was giving us the list of files in specified path by using required filters and we were able to import data from multiple files.

Bron : NAV Seen By Amol
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How do I: Select a Filename in a Dataport?

It has been a very long time since I last created a Dataport and this week I had to create one for a customer who’s running on version Dynamics NAV version 5…

No problem, I created it and to make it flexible for the user I added some textboxes with lookups on the request form of the Dataport. But then suddenly, when I ran the Dataport, I was no longer able to select the file name.

Bron : Think about IT
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