Interface extensions with workflows

A while ago I wrote about our Extension Design Principles. In it I discussed various ways to interface between extensions without having to take dependencies. One of these interface methods was the workflows Business Central is equipped with.

Because you can configure these workflows at run-time you can configure Workflow Events and responses from different extensions.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions – Under the hood

Working with extensions, I face the same problems as everybody else. I feel that I’m limited in my work, not knowing what the other extensions are doing.

A year ago, I released the Extension Details that can help developers identify which object numbers and fields have been used by other developers.

Over the last year I have continued to develop the extension details solution to help me, and maybe it can help others too.

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How to Use Extensions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On Premises

Extensions make it easy and convenient to create customizations in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central without interfering with the way the base code operates or affecting future upgrades. This blog demonstrates how to use Extensions for adding fields to the Customer table, using the AL programming language.

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How Do I: Develop an Extension in Business Central Saas?

You might have read my previous posts How Do I: Develop an Extension in Business Central On Premises? and How Do I: Create a Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo/Sandbox Environment? Now you might be wondering, How Do I: Develop an Extension in Business Central Saas, meaning the online Business Central environment?

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