How Do I: Set the runtime version of the extension package?

Recently, on some of my ‘machines’ I get the following errors, when trying to publish an extension (F5):

The runtime version of the extension package is currently set to ‘2.0’.
The runtime version must be set to ‘1.0’ or earlier in the app.json file
in order to install the extension package on this platform.

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Extensions V1 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Fall 2018 release, extensions V1 are no longer supported for on-premise installations.

While AppSource extensions have already been converted to extensions V2 , ISV extensions V1 must be converted to V2 before they can be installed on Business Central. Likewise, any customizations in Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics NAV 2017, or Dynamics NAV 2018 that are based on extensions V1 must be also converted to extensions V2 before upgrading to Business Central.

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Nav (Business Central) AL Extension Files Info- Powershell Module

Now I decided to create a small module that will help you manage the Extensions and Ids.

Besides what I showed in the first post, I added to the module an extra feature: now you have the possibility to get the free Ids: if for example you have 2 table extensions with Ids 50251 and 50254, the free Ids are considered the ones not used within the ones used, so in this example: 50252 and 50253. You can do this by specifying and extra parameter to the function.

Bron : Andrei Lungu Blog
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