Using Email Attachments As A Data Source In Power BI

Many of my customers get the source data for their Power BI reports – usually Excel or csv files – sent to them as an email attachment on a regular basis. When they get one of these emails what usually happens next is that they save the attachment to a folder so Power BI can connect to it. This a tedious manual process and of course one that breaks down if they’re off sick or away on holiday. However if you are using Exchange or Exchange Online it is possible to eliminate this step and have Power BI connect directly to the attachment without downloading it. In this post I’ll show you how, using Exchange Online as an example.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Send Email with attachment to the vendor as a response in Purchase order workflow in NAV 2017

In this article, a workflow response is created in the standard purchase order workflow. This response sends an email to the vendor after release of the purchase order i.e when the send approval request of the purchase order is approved by the authorized approver, the status of the purchase order changes to Released afterwhich an email is sent with attachment in a .pdf format to the vendor.

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