Dynamic Period variance with DAX in #PowerBI

One of those days where I spent a reasonable amount of time trying to solve a tricky DAX expression and once I got it; I came to know it was not at all tricky. In fact, it was far too simple to admit the time spent ?

When I showed PARALLELPERIOD and SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR measures to my business user, he asked me if he can select random quarters and measure should always get the variance from the earlier period based on the slicer choice than Time intelligence.

Bron : Prathy’s blog
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Power BI, SSAS Multidimensional And Dynamic Format Strings

If you’re building reports in Power BI against SSAS Multidimensional cubes then you may have encountered situations where the formatting on your measures disappears. For example, take a very simple SSAS Multidimensional cube with a single measure called Sales Amount whose FormatString property is set in SSDT to display values with a £ sign:

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Dynamic certificate validation when calling Web services

There are situations when you’ll want to call Web services from C/AL, and those Web services might be protected by certificate that your local machine cannot validate directly. Web service might be secured with a self-signed certificate, or by a certificate obtained from an authority that is not globally trusted.

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