Incoming Documents instead of Links

If you want to add files to a nav document like orders, then you normally use the link factbox. For that you have to link files on file shares, local paths are not allowed (not reachable from other systems). savedocsThat only works, if the current user has the needed permission and the network path is reachable. There is also a problem, if the file is moved, deleted or the permissions were changed.

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Running Wild: Using UpdatePropagation to Update Document Page Headers from Lines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The UpdatePropagation property is new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. I learned about it when I had a customer request to have a total amount on the header section of a Sales Order page that would update when a Sales Line was changed. In previous versions of NAV, this was a challenge, but the UpdatePropagation property (and some well-timed calls to CurrPage.UPDATE) make it easy.

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Sales Document Preview

As promised, it is time to share an enhancement for the document posting preview.

The posting preview functionality in NAV 2016 is built around a single-instance Codeunit number 19. That Codeunit has temporary tables declared as global variables and what ever is written to these tables remains there even if the actual database write is rollbacked.

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How Do I: Use Document Exchange Service to Send & Receive Invoices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

At the end of this video you will know how to set up the document exchange service for the sending and receiving company. You’ll also know how to connect both companies so they can exchange invoices, as well as which settings in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are necessary to use the document exchange service.

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Print any document (any extension)

When reading Mark’s blog about printing PDF, it reminded me about a request I got not so long ago, which was quite similar: “I want to be able to easily print any document that is linked in my system, from NAV, … “.

But you know the challenge: if you want to print a PDF, then you have to have some kind of PDF printer (Bullzip, Adobe, whatever…). If you want to print a word document, you need word, or any kind of dll or software that can print the extension.

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