How to Authenticate Through Azure Active Directory (AAD) to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central API

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is useful when you want to control who (users and client applications) can access particular resources (e.g. Microsoft Azure SaaS resources, Office 365 documents and Dynamics 365 installations).

One of Azure Active Directory’s (AAD) use cases is 3rd party client application authenticating through AAD to call the API of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation (BC).

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How to generate the ‘hotfix directories’ from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Some of you have missed the so-called “hotfix directories” that have not be part of the monthly updates since Cumulative Update 1 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 removed. So in November 2014, we wrote here on the blog how to use a Windows PowerShell script that gives you the same folder structure.

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Fetch Filename from Directory using DotNet Datatype-NAV 2017

During recent implementation got task to fetch the files from specified directory to import in tables using XMLPORT and I was using NAV 2017.

Now in classic version we were able to use FILE and this virtual table was giving us the list of files in specified path by using required filters and we were able to import data from multiple files.

Bron : NAV Seen By Amol
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Active directory queries from C/AL

I wanted to get a list of all NAV users with displayname and roles per user in a report. The data base is table “Windows Access Control”. One field should show the displayname of each user. The displayname can be read from hidden table “Windows Object”, field Name. To embed that value in the report i tried to import the field with different methods: by code and by a second, linked dataitem in the report. The result was the same in both cases: the read call (internally an AD query) of the displayname (field Name) is really very, very slow!

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