7 Things I’ve Noticed About Doing Development in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

I’ve been fortunate enough to be assigned to a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation, and working in AL has been a whole new world for me. Coming back to Visual Studio and auto-complete after years of being in the old NAV development environment is nice. Years ago, I split my time between ASP.NET/C# development and NAV development, and it’s good to have Intellisense back. I had pretty well forgotten what it was like to have all those fancy bells and whistles after years of toiling in the bare-bones NAV development environment.

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Development Design pattern for Best Fit Filtering

In our Org we have quite a few places were data is auto populated based on other data selected. This however comes with allot of rules. When I started, we had allot of issues where sometimes the incorrect data is selected. This required a rewrite of the filtering to find the correct data but often caused the “fix” to break another set of data combinations.

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AL Development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Series by a Microsoft MVP

In this series, Microsoft MVP Saurav Dhyani provides everything you need to know about developing in Business Central. Using VS Code to create an Extension, Saurav provides the modification requirements that include all object types and base object changes.

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Generate Symbols in a Modern Development environment with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

With the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 in the first week of December 2017, the new and Modern development environment experience becomes more and more used by developers; side by side with the C/SIDE development environment.

Working with a standard CRONUS database is pretty easy, while every developer would like to give it a spin with their own customized database.

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Developing extensions blindfolded in Dynamics NAV

Developing extensions in Dynamics NAV, it is possible to add two extensions that are adding the same field numbers to a solution. No warnings are given, and it is not possible to get an overview of which object numbers or field numbers the other extensions are adding. Let’s try an example: Now I publish and install the extension together with a page extension: In the Extension Management, it looks like this: Nothing new about that.

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