How do I: Add a drill-through to see records in Power BI Desktop?

Imagine you have created an amazing Power BI report that summarizes information using different visuals. Power BI Desktop lets you build advanced queries, models, and reports that visualize data and the idea is that the individual records that come from your data source are aggregated and summarized in your report, giving you the possibility to see the big picture.

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Connect Power BI Desktop to Dynamics 365

Do you want to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis, produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices. Well, then you can use the Power BI suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization.

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Analysing Power BI DMV Queries In Power BI Desktop

Experienced Analysis Services and Power Pivot developers will know all the interesting things you can learn from DMV queries. For example, in this blog post Kasper de Jonge shows how to use a DMV to find out which columns are using the most memory in a Power Pivot model; here’s an older post from me on using DMVs to show the dependencies between DAX calculations.

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Why Is My Relationship Inactive in Power BI Desktop?

The Power BI Desktop tool now attempts to utilize bi-directional relationships when it can. If any ambiguity exists, some of your relationships may become inactive. If you are seeing inactive relationships (the dotted line), take a look in Advanced properties to see if the “cross filter direction” is set to “Both” rather than “Single” for some of the relationships.

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Creating a desktop shortcut for Dynamics NAV 2013 (R2)

If you are a user with multiple companies in your NAV database, or even with multiple databases you might be used to switching between companies or servers.

I have been asked to create desktop shortcuts for the users. What if the user is acting as a sales person in one company and as an accountant in another. Then there is this confirmation dialog that always requires us to approve the server connection. This is a process that takes time.

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