Contributing to “ALGuidelines.Dev”

I recently blogged about this new initiative .. the revival of the “NAV Design Patterns Wiki”: ALGuidelines.Dev . Time to talk a bit more on how you can contribute. I’m documenting this while I’m writing my very first pattern 😉 (I admit, I had this blogpost laying around for a while ;-)).

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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Designing Indented Hierarchy Lists

Using the indentation properties in AL, you can display rows in a parent-child structure.

A row that’s indented from a row above is considered a child of that row. The row above is considered the parent. Indenting rows can help organize related records in the list and make it more readable for the user. You can display indented hierarchy lists on any page type, including List pages, Worksheets, and ListParts. Pages can also be editable.

There are two kinds of indented hierarchy lists: fixed and collapsible. In a fixed hierarchy, rows that are indented are always shown. In a collapsible, users can collapse and expand parent rows to show and hide child records.

Source : Microsoft Docs
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Development Design pattern for Best Fit Filtering

In our Org we have quite a few places were data is auto populated based on other data selected. This however comes with allot of rules. When I started, we had allot of issues where sometimes the incorrect data is selected. This required a rewrite of the filtering to find the correct data but often caused the “fix” to break another set of data combinations.

Source : Oosie’s Rants
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Slaying the behemoth, Extension Design Principles

If you have been following me at all for the past months you will already know that at The Learning Network, we have been busy creating our first extensions. We have had our first extension in production since June and the grand total is now at eight, and several more in the works

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