Dependency Analysis Tool (ALDependencyAnalysis)

Remember this post? Probably not. Nearly a year ago at Directions US, I showed some “how did I do stuff” during a number of sessions. And it ended with a lot of feedback, which came down to: “can I have it”? So, that’s where I wrote a post “I have work to do” ;-).
The “DevOps”-part of the work is done: ALOps is available and well used :-).

But the second promise – the “Dependency Analysis”, I only completed in November 2019 – and totally forgot to blog about it. In my defense – I did explain it at NAVTechDays, and that video IS online. You can find it here: NAV TechDays 2019 – Development Methodologies for the future (This is a link to the point in the video that explains the “dependency analysis” part).

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Dynamics 365 Business Central: something more about dependency propagation

One week ago I’ve written a post about the new “proxy app” ( file) introduced with the 15.3 version (you can read the post here). This app uses a new property called propagateDependencies that permits you to specify whether the dependencies of this project should be propagated as direct dependencies of projects that depend on this one.

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App Dependency Tree – import your apps in the right order (with PowerShell)

Recently, I got the question on how to get a dependency tree from a bunch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central apps. In other words – how do I know in which order I have to import my apps to respect the dependencies.

Well, I didn’t have a ready-made script available. I only had a script my colleague provided me – so I took that as a starting point, and spent an evening in trying to put something together – as it IS a very interesting question ;-).

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Control Add-in Dependency Demos

Yes, I keep forgetting about “stuff”. First I forget about blogging in general, then I forget how to blog properly. I’ll get it sorted out. Eventually. Solemnly swear. Kind of.

Anyway, my demos yesterday were full of screenshots. Useful stuff. You can copy a screenshot from there, paste it to OneNote 2016, then get the text from picture. Amazing stuff.

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Parsing NAV Object Dependencies – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we covered parsing NAV objects in text file format in order to get a list of their dependencies. If you haven’t gone through that part yet, I suggest reading it first.

Once we have a list of object dependencies, the next step is to sort them to ensure they are compiled in the proper order (and compiled only once, since some objects may have been imported multiple times from multiple changesets; we only need to compile the final version of the object). We will cover a dependency sorting strategy in this post.

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Parsing NAV Object Dependencies – Part 1

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Linda Rosencrance from about how my employer has adopted Dynamics NAV and my experiences with customization and development. The topic of source control came up, which I thought would make an interesting two-part series for my blog. My coworker has already started a great series on our custom source control solution, so rather than rehash his excellent overview, I want to focus specifically on one of the challenges we faced: parsing and sorting nav object dependencies. This series will cover the following:

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