Having Demo Data while developing Business Central Apps with Docker

I have always preached that you shouldn’t try to keep your Docker containers running. Containers should be something, which easily can be dismissed and recreated for any developer. One of the frequent questions is then: But what about my demo/development data?

Source : Freddys blog
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“GetAddressService” AL demo project tested

This demo will show how to use Vs Code to AL to create and distribute an extension with NAV 2018 (in this case for NAV 2018 but for Tenerife it will be the same thing).

It will start from the installation of the necessary modules for the use of New Development Environment and will be recreated the demo environment provided by Microsoft step by step.

Bron : Roberto Stefanetti NAV Blog
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Docker@waldo – My Local Demo Environment

Well, I am not going to tell you what Docker is. I am BY FAR not an infrastructural guy – so I wouldn’t feel comfortable. No, there are already quite some people out there, that are blogging quite a lot about this topic. Let me start by giving you a few references which i think are invaluable:

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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NAV 2016 Extension Development Shell on the Azure Demo VM

I was in a conversation with Freddy Kristiansen .. the so called “father” of the “Azure Demo VM Image for NAV 2016” (or how do you kids call it these days). If you haven’t heard about that, I strongly advise you to check out for example MVP Steven Renders’ blog on it: http://thinkaboutit.be/2015/10/dynamics-nav-vm-on-microsoft-azure/

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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