Converting Decimal Numbers To Hexadecimal In Power Query M

This is a very short post! A lot of people have blogged about how to convert numbers between different bases in M (see for example Maxim Zelensky’s very elegant solution for converting from binary to decimal), but today I noticed there was a very easy way to convert a decimal number to hexadecimal using the Number.ToText() function: you just need to use “x” in the second parameter.

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The Type of Flowfield in the table must be decimal

It is always challenging to resolve an error, when the error message is unclear or misleading. Today I encountered same kind of message while I was making a modification to the table. I had a Normal custom date field in one of the table , i had also added some logic for validating the field and populating it on certain conditions.

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How to: Format Decimal Values

When you create a client report definition (RDLC) layout for a report, a format variable is created for each decimal variable. The format information from the Classic client report layout is stored in the format variable. Decimal values that exist on the Classic report layout will be formatted in the RDLC layout by using the format variable.

Bron : MSDN
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