Count the Number of Records in NAV/Business Central

Vjeko, wrote some very good posts about the bad performance of COUNT function used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can check them out at the end of this post.

COUNT function can be used in NAV to find out how many records with certain filters you have in the database.

Let’s take a simple example and check also what happens at SQL Server queries level when you use COUNT vs when you use a NAV Query:

Bron : Andrei Lungu
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Get File Count from a Folder using Dotnet.

Today I want to discuss a code re-write that I had to do on a recent project about file handling.

Scenario –
PDF will be saved in a shared path whenever a purchase invoice is printed. To Generate File Name we were using Purchase Invoice No. and then extending that with an integer.

Bron : Saurav Dhyani
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