Business Central Specific Cost

The costing method determines if an actual or a budgeted value is capitalized and used in the cost calculation. Together with the posting date and sequence, the costing method also influences how the cost flow is recorded.

The specific cost criterion aims to individually evaluate the inventories, purchased or produced, determining the relative cost separately”

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How To: Use Jobs and Work Type Codes to Control Job Costs and Prices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central, you can use work type codes to control your job costs and prices. On the Resources card, you can have a general rate for the resource, but for the work type, you can control the rate based on a state they work in or the type of work they do or other variation.

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The Mysterious Update Unit Cost field in Dynamics 365 BC Production Orders

At just about every Manufacturing course that I have conducted, I get the same question: “What does the Update Unit Cost do when Changing the Production Order Status?”.

My answer is usually: Forget it, it does not work properly.

Source : Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Why You Should Set Automatic Cost Adjustment to Never in Dynamics 365 Business Central

This was one of the topics that came up frequently while working with users at the last NAV/BC User Group Summit at Phoenix.

Many people have different opinion to setup their inventory so costing is done properly. Naturally, knowing a few things on how Dynamics 365 Business Central (aka Dynamics NAV) inventory and how inventory costing works, I participated as much of these inventory costing discussions as I could.

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Two Options for Running Adjust Cost in Dynamics NAV When It Has Not Been Done in a While

Running a successful business requires the ability to plan, forecast, and make strategic business decisions. To make these kinds of effective decisions you need access to reliable data: you need to know, on a real-time basis, what your costs and profits are.

Fortunately, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the system does that for you: it updates your costs and subsequent profits on an ongoing basis.

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Cost Roll Procedure in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The information below explains the steps to follow while rolling standard costs in Dynamics NAV. The process is relatively simple, but the goal of this document is to explain the importance of each step: and what is accomplished in those steps. So while this may appear to be a long blog, stick with is as it provides a thorough explanation and rationale of each step.

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