How to Copy Journal Line to Posted General Journal in Business Central

With the release of Business Central Wave 1 2020 new feature added to copy the general journal to posted general journal.

As you aware that whenever you post the journal entry the entries get deleted after posted the transaction. Now whenever accountant need to reverse the entries then they need to enter the same entries again with opposite sign.

Source : Ammolh Saallvi Blog
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Copy Existing Items To Create New Items In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

MSD365 Business Central has many time-saving features, including the Copy Items feature. This video shows you how to quickly copy an inventory item and include or exclude as many attributes as you need – including dimensions, image, description, and much more. You can then quickly edit with changes you require, without having to setup a new item from scratch.

Source : ArcherPoint
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Copying Sales And Purchase Invoice Line Descriptions To The G/L Entries In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, V15

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, v15 has included a feature that many Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers have asked for over the years – the ability to copy the Description from the Purchase or Sales Invoice Lines to the Description field on the G/L Entry.

Source : ArcherPoint
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Exporting Your Queries’ M Code From Power Query And Power BI Using Copy/Paste

Two years ago I blogged about a method to export all the M code for all of your queries in Power Query using the Send A Frown button – useful if you need the code for documentation purposes. This trick doesn’t work with Power BI Desktop, unfortunately, but the good news is that there’s a better way to do this now in Power Query and Power BI Desktop using copy/paste.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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