Dynamics 365 Business Central Sandbox Docker containers and multitenancy

I saw on different forums people having troubles on connecting to their brand new Docker containers created with the new BcContainerHelper module by using the sandbox artifacts (image of the online sandbox).

The new module for creating Docker containers for Dynamics 365 Business Central (that will replace NavContainerHelper) is well explained on the Freddy’s blog, so for more details please read it.

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Removing Business Central Docker containers with PowerShell

Yesterday I bumped into an intermittent issue on our Jenkins CI server where some Business Central containers where not getting removed after use. This led me to find a way of removing Business Central Docker containers with PowerShell, and a topic for a blog post. The issue seems to be with a process keeping the NavContainerHelper container folder open, which is stopping the script from removing it.. anyway, that’s not what this post is about.

Source : Dan Kinsella
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The world after February 18th

As you probably discovered, the February 2020 security update had a significant impact on NAV/Business Central Docker Containers. Especially if you were running Process isolation. Most visible problem was the fact that you couldn’t launch 32bit executables in containers after applying the security update.

Source : Freddys blog
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