How to publish your local BC containers to internet using IIS

If you are doing Dynamics 365 Business Central development on your local (not Azure) containers, may be you want to have access to them from outside your local network without using VPN. And not only to BC Web Client, but even to API/OData and development endpoint. And of course you want to have them published with some trusted certificate to be able to use all the functionality like Business Central application, connection from Power BI connectors etc.

Source : KINE’S INFO
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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – ‘The remote name could not be resolved’ – For Docker containers

Scenario: If you have Docker Container of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) and developing an App or PTE integrating with external sources (external APIs endpoints) – And facing error ‘The remote name could not be resolved’. Understanding: This would happen when Docker Images is not allowed to connect with external network or DNS address.

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Lately we have been seeing an increasing number of people having difficulties creating Docker containers on multiple host OS’. Since Thursday, I have been diving into error reports on GitHub, looking in Telemetry and had some partners helping out trying various tests to see what the result of various changes would be.

Source : Freddys Blog
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Using AAD authentication for development against a Business Central container

Since a long time, it is possible to use Azure AD authentication in your Business Central OnPrem environment, whether containerized or not. But what isn’t possible – or at least is documented as impossible – is to use AAD authentication when developing in VS Code and publishing extension, downloading symbols, debugging etc.. If you are like me and get annoyed very quickly if you have to do things that aren’t exactly necessary (and not fun…), you were probably as frustrated as I that this seemingly easy option to avoid juggling with users and passwords wasn’t available.

Source : Tobias Fenster
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Running Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition in a Docker Windows container

Note: This work is based on the “Official Microsoft repository for SQL Server in Docker resources” found here:

Unfortunately this has not been updated to run Windows ServerCore 1890 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019 – so this is what this blog post is about…

Source : Simteq
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DLLs in Docker? (BC On Prem)

In my previous post I discussed how you could use your .dlls in an On Prem enviroment hosted on your local machine for those who hasn´t jumped to the cloud yet.

In this post I will show you how to do it in a Docker container. The purpose is to test your extensions and .dlls in the lasts versions of Business Central before updating your production app. This is a good practice to make sure they work correctly in every minor and major update.

Source : Business Central Geek
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