How Do I: Configure my RDLC layout designers for VSCode?

When you need to design a layout for a report, using VSCode, when creating an extension, as you might already know, you have the choice between using Report Builder and Visual Studio. And you can use both of them at the same time, which enables you to combine the advantages of both environments when designing RDLC report layouts.

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Configuring Power BI Gateway Data Sources For Files And Folders

Recently I’ve been building a lot of Power BI reports from csv and Excel files, and to make sure that scheduled refresh works I have been setting up data sources in an On Premises Data Gateway (what used to be called the Enterprise Gateway). I had assumed that if I was connecting to file-based data sources in my Power BI dataset then, in the gateway, I would need to set up one data source for each file that I’m connecting to – which is a bit of a pain.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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