How to add XML comments in AL Code :- Business Central

With the release of Business Central Wave 1 2020 XML comments is available in AL code.

If you would like to add documentation to your code then you can use XML documentation .The documentation comment must immediately before the object such as codeunit,table,functions etc.

Source : Ammolh Saallvi Blog
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Extended Comments in NAV

Recently I got a requirement to increase the length of the comment field (for example in Customers, Vendors, Sales Documents, Contacts etc) as in standard NAV the comments limit is 80 characters per line. We could increase this limit, but the issue is that the maximum length of a text field accepted by NAV is 250 charactes and they we’re looking at 500 characters plus- ideally more.

Bron : Andrei Lungu
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Using comments in XML Port Data

Setup data is one of the hardest things to keep strait in Dynamics NAV. If you have multiple developers on the same database, they might be modifying setup data to develop new features or testing for bugs. When you have setup data being changed constantly, you may not know what the correct setup is for your production system when it is time to push up your new code from the dev or QA system.

Bron : Ryan Erb
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