How to connect the NAV iPad App to your NAV Container using a self-signed certificate

As you probably know there is a very nice NAV App for iOS (and Android). For very good reasons this App however only connects to NAV WebClients secured by https. This is no problem using a NAV Container as it will by default also serve an https-secured WebClient.

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Dynamic certificate validation when calling Web services

There are situations when you’ll want to call Web services from C/AL, and those Web services might be protected by certificate that your local machine cannot validate directly. Web service might be secured with a self-signed certificate, or by a certificate obtained from an authority that is not globally trusted.

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Powershell Script to create a “Self-Signed Certificate” that works on Dynamics NAV Ipad APP

Automated scripts (with Powershell) to create a self-signed certificate usable for Dynamics NAV App on Ipad (if you haven’t a Real Verified Certificate): Powershell automation based on procedure manual “How to get Microsoft Dynamics NAV for tablets to connect using a self-signed certificate”.

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Implement Security Certificates NAV 2013

Document helps you implement Security Certificates Authentication for NAV 2013.
It is required by UserName and NavUserPassword credential types.
To make it easy, all certificates are generated and you just import them for using:
– Valid time: from 2013-01-01 to 2040-01-01.
– Password: “navservice”.
– Thumbprint: “4c 69 ca bc 65 4d 07 d5 61 f1 43 61 21 55 44 00 bf 30 79 f5”.

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