Dynamics NAV 2016: Unrealized Sales Tax for Cash Based Companies

In a recent implementation I was involved with, ArcherPoint was tasked with combining two separate entities, one cash based and one accrual based, into one NAV company (not one database) while still being able to run financials separately for each entity within the company.

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Six simple steps to setting up cash flow functionality in NAV 2013

There are 6 steps that are required to use dynamics NAV cash flow functionality.

Step one: set up your chart of cash flow of accounts

The most basic part of cash flow is the chart of cash flow accounts in which all cash flow forecast entries are registered. You use the window to enter and view your cash flow accounts. You create the chart of cash flow accounts just as you create new cash flow accounts. You can set up new cash flow accounts in the window or in the Cash Flow Account Card window.

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New NAV2013 video reviewed: Clients First Finance New Features Cash Flow Forecast

This is one of the more comprehensive cash flow forecasting videos I’ve seen to date geared toward the finance super user for the new cash flow forecasting features. The video is presented by Dirk Reeps, Microsoft Support Engineer. He covers the different data sources used to construct the forecast, what parameters are required, shows a basic demo of the new functionality from 12:42 to 16:15, and some more specific examples from 22:06 to 36:50. From 7:32 to about 9:32, there is a nice discussion of how to include budgeting for cash flow forecasting, and starting at 38:20, there is a discussion of dimensions with cash flow forecast, and account schedules at 39:56.

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Cash Management in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 – What is it and why now?

As I wrote in my last blog post then Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has lots of new functionality. One of the new features I’ve been looking forward to the most is the improved Cash Management module.

But what does that mean? Well it’s not really about managing cash in the old way, like managing the cash you have laying around in your company. It’s all about managing your bank accounts, and the improvements are in the area of bank reconciliation and electronic payments.

Bron : Erik P. Ernst
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Cash Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 – More News!

You read it here first! Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 will deliver exciting new features to support cash management for our customers and prospects.

What it really means for customers

The bottom line is increased productivity – for all our customers – in almost any segment! The new Cash Management features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 will automate and improve the cash management processes that are vital for all our customers regardless of the business they’re in.

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