Table.Buffer() Does Not Buffer Nested Values

It’s actually really difficult to come up with a simple demo query to prove this though (the Power Query engine is too clever about not evaluating things it doesn’t need for the final output of a query), but it’s fairly easy to understand the principle. Whenever you have an expression that returns a table something like this:

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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NAV Inv Posting Buffer 2016 vs 2017- 2 ways to group data

As you already might know, in the purchase/sales posting routines from NAV an additional temporary table Invoice Posting Buffer is used to group invoice lines by the fields specified in the Primary Key of Invoice Posting Buffer table (TAB 49) and then Post only 1 G/L Entry for each group of purchase/sales lines.

Bron : Andrei Lungu
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Create New Dimension ID to import dimension values from buffer table

Many questions in Microsoft forum about this topic: “How to generate new dimension ID from data (dimensions values for NAV login) existing on external tables ?”

Use standard NAV to achieve this, you can use standard NAV function DimMgt.GetDimensionSetID(Rec) to create New Dimension SET ID of function existing on UpgradeToolkit since NAV 2013.

Bron : Roberto Stefanetti NAV Blog
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Importing Excel file in Microsoft Dynamics NAV using Excel Buffer

This article is to import data from the Excel file into existing NAV table. This import matches the excel entries with the existing NAV table and modifies the records of the table on import of the excel file. To accomplish this, we create a report using Excel Buffer as the DataItem.

Bron : CloudFronts
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