Web Services Examples Part 3 – Generate Barcode

What a busy december month it has been! That last month of 2015 ended before I realized it. I wish everybody a very happy and prosperous 2016!

The last post in the web services series was about one month ago, so it is about time to post the next one. This time we will look at generating barcodes.

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Shop Floor Barcode System

In 2005 I developed a simple barcode system that allowed you to put barcodes on printouts for displaying the documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Initially the system was called ‘Document Lookup’ because it was exactly what it did; you scanned the barcode and Dynamics NAV displayed the form in the client.

Bron : Olof Simren
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Bar code reader and the Hardware Hub

We have some cases where the Dynamics NAV client is running in a remote desktop and the local machine has a bar code scanner connected. One way is to have the bar code scanner configured as a keyboard. This requires the focus on the correct input field in NAV to work. The other way is to have the scanner configured to use a Serial Communication Port.

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