Business Central: Approval for user not registered in BC with Power Automate

Let’s imagine that a customer asks you to make an uncensored user in Business Central act as an approver for a Sales Invoice. Strange? Impossible?

Let’s proceed step by step and see how to do it:
Create a user in the Admin Center to whom we will not assign a Dynamics 365 Business Central license, but only a Power Automate Free license.

Source : Daniel Incalza
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Automatically create a new customer when receiving an email via Power Automate (No customization)

Today I would like to talk about an interesting topic, how to automatically create a customer in Business Central when you receive an email.

I was asked this question on Linkedin yesterday and my first thought was that this should be possible if the email format is fixed. So I did a simple test and it worked. In this post, I wanted to share it.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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Store Business Central’s Item record image file to OneDrive using PowerAutomate.

In this Blog post I will show you how we can store BC’s image into OneDrive using with PowerAutomate.

First of all you should have access of using Powerautomate and OneDrive for the same account you are going to use with Business Central, please ask your Admin to provide you required permission.

Source : NAVwithNAV
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