How to Authenticate Through Azure Active Directory (AAD) to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central API

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is useful when you want to control who (users and client applications) can access particular resources (e.g. Microsoft Azure SaaS resources, Office 365 documents and Dynamics 365 installations).

One of Azure Active Directory’s (AAD) use cases is 3rd party client application authenticating through AAD to call the API of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation (BC).

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Changes to authenticating AL Language Extension in VS Code Development Environment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

As I upgraded my Business Central AL Language Extension and VS Code, I noticed that I was no longer authenticated to deploy my app to Business Central Sandbox using (Ctrl + F5). So I noticed a process change in authenticating VS Code and Business Central and you will find the details below.

Source : Olister Rumao
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