How to create an asynchronous process in Business Central

Hello, this post is dedicated a bit to how to run asynchronous processes in Business Central through Page Background Tasks.

Running asynchronous processes here is very similar at the concept level than in other languages, only that we have some very important limitations that need to be mentioned.

Source : Ivan Singlenton
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Asynchronous programming in D365 Business Central 2019 wave 2: Page Background Tasks

In a lot of other programming languages, the concepts of asynchronous calls and background tasks are well established and supported. The idea is to have the ability to kick of something in the background without having to wait for the result and thereby blocking the user.

Source : Axians Infoma
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Asynchronous web services in NAV

Asynchronous methods are very useful for web services. To be able to start a process with one method and then check the status with another opens a lot of possibilities.

There are two known patterns in NAV that support asynchronous methods; one is to use the STARTSESSION function to execute the business logic in another thread, the other is to create a job queue entry and let NAS handle the task.

Bron : Gunnar’s Blog
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