We’re building a Benchmark App

One thing I have always missed in Business Central is a simple performance indicator, something I can run and get a simple score for my system. So I have started building an app for that, and I would love for you to participate. I have written the first part of the app, open-sourced the code and hope that you would like to be part of this. Check the video for all the details.

Source : Hougaard.com
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Publishing apps to a Business Central Online Environment

There are 2 kinds of apps: AppSource Apps and Per Tenant Extensions (PTEs). These apps can be installed in the global scope in two kinds of environments: Sandbox and Production. In Sandbox environments you can also install apps to the development scope (like what VS Code does).

Source : Freddys blog
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: adding partner’s telemetry on your apps

I’ve written a lot in the past about using Azure Application Insights for monitoring a Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant (you can read here and here) and the team is actively working on improving the telemetry features by adding always more and more signals.

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Artifacts to get to the source code of the default apps

A question I get a lot – especially from people that come from C/AL, and only take their first steps into AL – is: How do I get to Microsoft’s source code of the BaseApp (and other)?
Well, there are multiple ways, really. You can download symbols, and unpack the symbols. You can download the DVD and get to the code on the DVD, or…

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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