Complete Walkthrough Of Business Central Admin Center

In this walkthrough you will learn about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center and its capabilities. For example, to copy and restart an environment or to setup e-mail notifications.

  • Where Is The Admin Center?
  • Enviroments
  • Notification Recipients
  • Telemetry
  • Reported Outages
  • Operations
  • Capacity
  • Source : Business Central Geek
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    Dynamics 365 Business Central: delegated admins and AAD guests users

    When working with your Dynamics 365 Business Central online customers, one of the first thing you should do as a partner is to setup your employees on Partner Center and then assigning to them the permissions to support your online customers.

    For this task, they need to have the Assists your customers as role set as Admin Agent or Helpdesk Agent:

    Source : Stefano Demiliani
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