Tip #41 | Smart Page Address Formatting

We all know that pages use more real estate than classic forms and we are limmited to two columns. Putting two controls side by side in one column is cumbersome.

One of the things I run into a lot since I do many logistics customers (TMS) is addresses on pages. When not on Master Data you are typically not allowed to change them.

Bron : Mark Brummel
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Send Outlook Mail with different Sender Address

For sending outlook mails one can use CU 397 and it works fine, if it’s ok to use the standard outlook profile as sender address (“From”). If you want to use a different sender address, then this is not possible.

To get that possibility let’s have a look at the in CU 397 used .net assemblies. There we have especially assembly Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Integration.Office. For most cases a nice little thing. But it delivers no possibility to set/change the sender address. So what to do?

Bron : Moxie4nav
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How to fit address fields correctly in a Windows Envelope

So how do we actually consitently place the address fields, so they fit perfectly in the small windows of a Windows Envelope. By now many of you have worked on Document reports and have struggeled with this. In the begining I felt like I was designing my reports in water, because everytime I placed the address fields the moved around, until I understood how our lovely Visual Studio Report designer was working.

Bron : CLAUSL and Dynamics NAV
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