Source Control: Evil, a waste of time, too much work or something much better?

A great chalk talk (CT103 – Useful Tools for Getting the Most Out of NAV) with Waldo at Directions in Phoenix was my inspiration for this. I ended up high jacking part of Waldo’s session (so sorry Eric. I will try to restrain myself next time), because I could see so many possibilities for our community. After the session I had a great hall chat with Eric (Waldo) Wauters, Mark Brummel and Gary Winter (all 3 of them behind the Partner Ready Software initiative), sharing some of the things I have learned over the years of using source control.

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Web Services Black Belt: consuming NAV web services using pure C/AL

Have you ever needed to connect to the Web services of one NAV instance from another one? If so, I bet that the approach was something like this: you created a .NET class where you defined a Web or Service reference to the target instance, and then you consumed that .NET class using .NET Framework interoperability. It was kind of clumsy, inflexible, but it worked.

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Announcement on MSDN NAV Blog regarding NAV 2013

In case you haven’t been following the official NAV Team Blog on MSDN closely, Dan Brown, the NAV R&D General Manager at Microsoft posted an update yesterday informing us that the first Release Candidate has been cut and the team is now working towards the final Release to Manufacturing build.

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Toepassen van Scrum als process template

Het toepassen van Scrum is in 1986 op de Universiteit van Harvard uitgedacht door Hirotaka Takeuchi en Ikujiro Nonaka. Scrum is een term uit het rugby waarbij een team probeert een afstand te overbruggen als een eenheid en ondertussen de bal heen en weer passt. Deze techniek hebben ze vertaald in hun artikel “The New New Product Development Game” naar een nieuwe methode om producten te ontwikkelen.

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