Create PDF of a classic report (without RDLC) from RTC

1. Make Bullzip PDF Printer the default printer for the Classic report (in this example 50080) without RDLC (printer selections)

2. Add this code in Report – OnInitReport()

BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘Output’,’c:\temp\temp.pdf’); //only example, better to use timestamp
BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘Showsettings’, ‘never’);
BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘ShowPDF’, ‘no’);
BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘ShowProgress’, ‘no’);
BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘ShowProgressFinished’, ‘no’);
BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘SuppressErrors’, ‘yes’);
BullZipPDF.SetValue(‘ConfirmOverwrite’, ‘no’);

3. Run the report from a page in the RTC:

REPORT.RUN(50080,FALSE,FALSE,SalesInvHeader); //in my example one sales invoice header, not possible to print multiple

4. File ‘Temp.pdf’ is created now, if needed you can rename it!